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Send a nice card or

24 April 2017 21:36 | dibaca 127 kali

Send a nice card or letter to anyone out of town you are asking to be a part of your wedding celebration. For those close by, invite them to your home for an informal lunch, dinner, etc. and ask them personally. This can be done one on one or as…

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bolognese steht noch

09 Maret 2017 17:43 | dibaca 148 kali

bolognese steht noch auf der to-do liste, hab mir gestern abend dann doch wieder gefllte paprika gemachtne bitte: mein ehrgeiz drngt mich momentan zu geschnetzeltem, bevorzugt hhnchen mit bandnudelnhaste da was?

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Great common sense h

07 Maret 2017 19:40 | dibaca 159 kali

Great common sense here. Wish I'd thought of that.

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Snoopy Dance

05 November 2016 03:55 | dibaca 186 kali

Snoopy Dance | The author is under the impression that conflation is a valid method of creating a topic for debate. He has increasingly lowered himself to parroting the far right win memes, conspiracy theories and talking points memos.Luckily, there are people out here that are “looking out for you”…

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Well, you got me hoo

23 Oktober 2016 23:50 | dibaca 207 kali

Well, you got me hooked! I am in two scrap vomit swaps (thanks, gnomeangel!) and going crazy collecting all sorts of vomity fabrics. I will hopefully meet you in SLC, where I plan to bring a good amount of squares, just in case people want to swap or I can…

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“When it comes

31 Juli 2016 12:01 | dibaca 224 kali

“When it comes to the UN, I can’t help but remember the old phrase “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I don’t think that means we should house, support, promote and defend the UN with our treasure/taxes and speech. More especially since the UN speaks and works against our…

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