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Je confirme, le Maur

08 Januari 2017 08:09 | dibaca 147 kali

Je confirme, le Maury avec le chocolat, c'est une trs belle alliance. Et je vais t'emprunter cette recette; la dernire fois que j'ai fait une tarte au chocolat, c'tait une catastrophe. On ne peut pas rester sur une impression comme celle-l.Alors merci, et bonne anne, Gracianne! Une anne o on…

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S sant som det r

11 Oktober 2016 17:16 | dibaca 184 kali

S sant som det r sagt Matilda!!! ta r nice, men igr hittade jag nog grnsen fr hur mycket jag kan ta innan jag mr illa. Ja, jag r sjukt stolt ver dem! =) En restaurang, ja, varfr inte.

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home we had a few we

07 Oktober 2016 18:28 | dibaca 215 kali

home we had a few weeks of little to no weight gain. I had been readmitted to the hospital with preeclampsiaand we all just thought it would take a little bit for Hayley to adjust. She was a delightful

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Just friended you on

30 September 2016 08:57 | dibaca 191 kali

Just friended you on FB. And wow. That is interesting. I’ve had a personal FB page for years – I work at a .edu and got an account when my middle daughter started college. I’m still undecided about creating a fan page and use my personal page for everything from…

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EvoPay wird payleven

19 Agustus 2016 23:00 | dibaca 218 kali

EvoPay wird payleven: Square-Klon Zenpay bekommt schon wieder …//Update zu Evopay -> payleven ist der neue Name//Spannendes Experiment: Die Kartenzahlung per Smartphone kommt nach

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Thanks for sharing.

09 Agustus 2016 05:18 | dibaca 229 kali

Thanks for sharing. After I left Penang 20+ years ago, I noticed some curry mee hawkers dispensed away with chai tau and added poh ho (mint). What do you think?

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It's a relief to fin

13 Juli 2016 10:49 | dibaca 240 kali

It's a relief to find someone who can explain things so well

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