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Congratulations to L

04 November 2016 10:11 | dibaca 188 kali

Congratulations to Laura! I'm thankful for you too Katy - you know why! We celebrated Thanksgiving here last month, but a friend of mine from Nebraska is throwing a Thanksgiving dinner party tonight and I will b going to that!

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Thanks for sharing w

19 Agustus 2016 17:32 | dibaca 232 kali

Thanks for sharing wonderful wedding tips! I am also planning to have no alcohol in my wedding. But I think this is impossible because almost all of my guests would really search for alcohol. I hate alcohol because I am afraid that it could ruin my event.

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I enjoyed reading yo

11 Agustus 2016 23:25 | dibaca 268 kali

I enjoyed reading your blog about your berner. My husband and I have adopted a berner puppy. She is so much like Lolly and other berners. I can not imagine my life without Ava. She is playful, loving and just brings a smile on everyone’s face.

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